INTERVENE Pain Management in Dementia Appeal

Margaret was suffering terribly. But she couldn't tell anymore. With your help, we can INTERVENE.
Colm Cunningham - Director of HammondCare

"We are launching INTERVENE to create a historic sea-change in the diagnosis and treatment of severe chronic pain for older people with dementia. People like Margaret, unable to communicate the pain and suffering they are experiencing due to their dementia".
Colm Cunningham,
Director - The Dementia Centre

Read Margaret's story in the new issue of Connect


Astoundingly, around one in five of the most vulnerable in our community, older people living with dementia who are depending on us for care, suffer from undiagnosed chronic pain in aged care facilities. They are silent sufferers, simply because they are unable to communicate their needs.

It’s experiences like this that have led to the launch of INTERVENE. Our target: Help us raise $1,017,652.

Our budget target of over a million dollars will help launch the INTERVENE program to drive systemic change through the aged care sector.

INTERVENE will be a three year campaign of research, information and training that can establish new practices of care for older people living with dementia suffering chronic pain.

Please support this special appeal and help us reach our goal for Dementia Pain Management.

Thank you for your continued support for our ongoing mission, caring for people in need through the hardest of times.


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