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8 years ago, Jim was just like anyone else - a middle-aged dad with a steady job and two kids. Then a tragic car accident sent his life spiralling out of control.

The accident left Jim with a brain injury that cost him his job. Jim’s marriage crumbled under the financial strain and he lost his family.

Because of his age and injuries, Jim couldn’t find another job, his savings ran out, and after a lifetime of hard work, he found himself homeless.

“I dream of having a home again - of being able to hold my head up and have people look me in the eye and talk to me again.”

With your support we can open a safe and permanent home for the elderly who are homeless and have complex healthcare needs, and provide vulnerable people the opportunity to regain their dignity.

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Like Jim, many of Sydney’s elderly homeless are living with serious mental and physical issues, including chronic diseases like diabetes and dementia, or significant frailty.

Right now, there’s nowhere for them to go. Your gift today will help create a lasting legacy. It’s the first step in reducing homelessness with the elderly of Sydney, now and for generations to come.

Yes I will help fast track a permanent home for people like Jim.

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How We Use Your Gifts

As a Christian charity we believe that we should provide care for those in need, including those who cannot afford it, and when there is insufficient government funding. Unfortunately for many older Australians, the cost of health and aged care services are simply out of reach.

HammondCare Foundation is dedicated to raising funds to address this.