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Dad's Last Christmas

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My Dad had prostate cancer for many years, but for the last month of his life he ended up in palliative care. We knew every day with him was precious, says Maggie.

No one wants to spend Christmas in hospital, but Dad's last Christmas in palliative care was made truly special by the incredible people we encountered and by the extra services that were offered.

Can you imagine what this must feel like? This is why HammondCare provides additional services to ease patients' suffering. These holistic palliative care services can make a profound physical and spiritual difference to the last days of someone's life.

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"Christmas has always been about getting together at my Aunt and Uncle's house near the beach, eating prawns, wearing silly hats and drinking wine. We were just grateful to have another Christmas together, but we did wonder how it would feel to spend Christmas in hospital."

"While we weren't at the beach surrounded by family like we normally would be, the sense of peace and joy we experienced from HammondCare will always stay with me. They made that Christmas a memorable time for my family, in spite of what we were facing."

"Dad found such relief from the massage therapy. A professional therapist gave him regular leg and foot massages. He never said anything during the treatment but he loved the company and you could tell by his face that those minutes of tender, human touch left him feeling so much more relaxed and content – sometimes he’d even fall asleep."

With your generous support, we can continue to provide these services to patients facing their saddest Christmas ever in a hospital room. Will you donate a tax deductible gift today and make a positive difference for someone facing their last Christmas? Everyone deserves peace, joy and genuine care, particularly at this special time.

Yes, I will help every moment count for those in their last days.

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As a Christian charity we believe that we should provide care for those in need, including those who cannot afford it, and when there is insufficient government funding. Unfortunately for many older Australians, the cost of health and aged care services are simply out of reach.

HammondCare Foundation is dedicated to raising funds to address this.