The HammondCare Foundation

HammondCare is driven by our mission to improve quality of life for people in need.

Bob Hammond’s practical, innovative and bold initiative in founding Hammondville during the Great Depression, continues to be the guiding light for HammondCare.

Today, HammondCare provides daily support for people in need, facing the hardest times life has to offer, regardless of religion, position or circumstance.

The HammondCare Foundation was established to help the organisation continue to grow and continue to improve care of the vulnerable and marginalized for many generations to come.

All donations to the HammondCare Foundation will go towards helping HammondCare continue to expand and improve services for the vulnerable and marginalised in our community. They enable continued innovation and excellence in HammondCare’s work across aged care, dementia care and palliative care.

Fundraising enables us to:

  • Care for the most disadvantaged and vulnerable in our community by ensuring that those without financial means can access vital, quality services.
  • Facilitate ground breaking research to deliver better care for people in our services
  • Support innovative projects such as our Music Engagement Program for residents with dementia, and other cutting edge programs that improve well-being for those in our care.
  • Improve the quality of care across our services such as training for nurses in empathetic communication, specialist pressure mattresses for improved comfort for the frail, and upgraded medical equipment.
  • Support new capital works such as our plans to provide high quality residential care for the aged who are homeless in inner Sydney.

If you’d like more information please contact the Foundation team on 1300 426 666 or email us

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HammondCare Charity Golf Day

24 October 2019
Killara Golf Course

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